Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day!!

Posted by Leah
I wanted to wish everyone a Blessed Mother's Day to all my crafty friends and to the ones that I cannot hug and tell personally Happy Mother's Day!  Happy Mother's Day Gigi, we love and miss you!  Happy Mother's Day Aunt Betty, we love and miss you! Happy Mother's Day Aunt Fran "Mom"!! I love you and miss you so much!!! I will be calling you today!

This one is special.  I have a poem that I have written for my Mother and I'd like to share with all of you.  I will be seeing her later today.  I also have another celebration today and that is for my Hubby.  He has a Birthday Celebration today!  Happy Birthday Dear! I love you!  Hmmmm.... now this will be interesting ~ I have one celebration plate and two people that need celebrating.  Who gets the plate?? My Mother??? or Hubby???

My Mother, My Friend

Where do I start
always at the beginning is best
I'm glad in my life you have part.
There was a lot of time to invest
you gave with your heart.
Our relationship had ups and downs
many relationships do
you taught me of my boundaries
I knew what you would do
if I crossed over them
You would instruct me of my responsibility 
if I didn't take responsibility penalty was due
that is why you always told me when I wanted to go beyond them
I was reminded what to do
you told me for strength go to HIM
HE knows exactly what you need to do
Call on HIM
you taught me what was right.
As if that was anything new.
I was always told you are very bright
I always knew
You always had the right things to say 
When I had few
When I would struggle you encouraged me to pray
I asked if you would stay by my side
You said you couldn't always but GOD will
you reminded me all I had to do is pray
Then my heart will want to abide
I will want to stay in GOD's will.
Thank you, thank you for never giving up on me
I'm so glad you're My Mother, My Friend!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! 
I love you!
Grace & Peace,

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