Wednesday, May 2

Mother's Day Card

Posted by Leah
Hello Everyone!!  Hope everyone is having a great day!!! I have a busy day today so many things going on.  I am hoping to get into my creative office today.  I have things to make; surprises for special people.  I don't want to reveal too much.  I have an album that I did a little while ago that I haven't posted the pictures for as of yet.  I will do that sometime this week.  I have another one that I am currently working on as well as a video for the special people in my life (my Mom and Step Dad).  I made a video of their wedding, Smoky Mountain Trip and Cruise to Caribbean.  I enjoy doing these videos.  I also make many for our son in his events through school.  

This card was an inspiration that came to me with this dotted paper I have.  I didn't know what to do with it for a long time.  Then when I went to the dollar store...yes, that's right the dollar store.  They had these great dimensional stickers.  I thought oh how neat ~ then the ideas started turning lol.  The ribbon on the card I wanted to do something different than the usual straight ribbon across and tying it with a bow.  I decided to use a technique they use in Hawaii for making ribbon lei's.  My Mom told me about a craft class that she attended (*after I came to from falling out of my chair; note my Mother doesn't do crafts!!!! Although she has made dolls in the past ~if I can find a picture of one I will post it here for you to see); I am still in shock that she did this!! Okay, now for the fun...she showed me how they put the ribbon together and it makes this great look!   Then she did it again....wouldn't ya know.... she said she went to another one and made a bracelet and necklace.  I was so shocked!! The bracelet that she made in the class she said she made it for me ~ then gave it to me when they returned home.  I was so happy; I wear that bracelet often....okay so I find excuses to wear it.  LOL  


8 1/2 x 11" Cardstock your color choice cut 5 1/2"
choice decorative paper
ribbon in complimentary color of card
embellishment of your choosing
3 buttons
of course your favorite adhesive (hehe, mine is any that gives me excuse to use my ATG Gun)


Cut your card stock to size for A2 card.  Then place decorative paper centered over top.  Then you may add another piece of complimentary paper to place behind your embellishment.  The placement of your ribbon is up to you.  I like to see how the flow of the card is going as to where I place my ribbon.  Then you can place your buttons where it would be complimentary on your card.  Then you are finished.

I have a couple more cards to get completed.  I have a Father's Day one that I am working on and I'm still looking for that special embellishment.  You'll have to wait and see when that one comes out.  I also have birthday items to get in place.   I will have those posted soon as the birthday is just around the corner :)

Grace & Peace,

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Migdalia said...

Beautiful Card!Awesome Job!

Becky Dunham said...

Beautiful card Leah! I have those exact stickers, but have not used them yet! They really are lovely and such a bargain :) I have not even started on my Mother's Day cards yet - I think I am in trouble!

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