Saturday, October 6

Bandaid Anyone?

Posted by Leah
Good Evening Everyone!!!  Hope you're continuing to enjoy your weekend. I know I have.  I have been working on a few things. This project was fun to work up.  Mind you it is in a special place.  I didn't like her door sign before it was a dark brown bandaid with black lettering (her name).  I thought this is not good on a dark brown door to start with.  How are people to know where her office is.  I thought this will do it and if she has someone covering it will work for them as well.  I hope you like.

I designed the bandaid using CCR.  I just love that program.  I have been having so much fun using it.  I used my 12x12 paper and my 8.5x11 paper.  I used the following cartridges: George & Basic Shapes, Movable Monsters: Cat.  I just love how this went together.  I made the cold compress for the head using circles and other shapes to produce that shape.

Thanks for stopping by.  Again I apologize for the issue earlier.  I am glad that it is fixed now.  Thank you for your support.

Grace & Peace,

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