Tuesday, November 6

Medical Issues

Posted by Leah
 Hi Everyone!  I didn't want you to think I have forgotten about my site.  I haven't and I haven't forgotten about you my followers.  I do want to update you on what has been happening.  I have had some serious medical issues at hand that I have been dealing with. 

 I first went into the emergency room October 15th went through various tests and it was determined on Wednesday October 17th that I would have emergency gall bladder surgery.  This surgery typically takes an hour to an hour and 1/2.  I hate to report my surgery took a long four hours.  There were complications that had arisen during the surgery.  I had flat lined two times.  I learned this when my surgeon was telling my husband why the surgery took so long.  I was terrified to learn this, but I am also thankful to the surgical team for responding so quickly in getting me back.  I am also grateful to my Lord and Savior for bringing me back.   I was grateful that the staff taking care of me afterwards listened and helped me so much in the healing process.  I was released the day after surgery.  I did have after surgery pain, but by Monday my only complaint was a little burning and pain at the belly button area.  The surgeon told me this is expected as this is where the gall bladder came out.  I did have a low grade fever of which we continued to keep an eye on.  The temperature was 99 so it wasn't bad, but the paperwork that we had received it stated if it went to 101 then I was to call the doctor. 

I thought we were in the clear because the pain wasn't bad other than when I yawned or if I had the hiccups.  I had an obligation for our family to complete on that Thursday.  I was waiting to get through doing what I needed to do; I had pain creeping in and it was beginning to get intense.  It indeed got real intense that I was not able to drive myself home.  I had to have someone where I was drive me home; to my surprise hubby was home for an early lunch.  He usually gets lunch around 2pm it was only little after 11am.  I was happy to see him even if I had to look through many tears.  He responded quickly to my pain and again took me to the emergency room. 

I sat again for a short time in the emergency room.  They hooked me immediately to an IV and put pain medication through it to help ease some of the pain.  This was barely taking the edge off of it, but it was what was given so I dealt with it.  I was then admitted to the hospital once again.  I didn't know how long my stay would be this time.  They did more testing that night and the next day some tests got put on hold because I spiked a fever from 98 degrees to 103 in a short time.  The fever was then broken after they had packed me in ice.  They did keep an eye on it and how I was feeling to try and stay ahead of any other fever that may be dealt.  Thank the Lord we didn't have to deal with a second one.  I then went through more tests, CT scan, Hida Scan, Bone Scan and Chest X-ray.  Needless to say they still haven't been able to locate the pain.  I have been home now just a week. 

I have two appointments coming up.  I have one to see a specialist and the other is to see the surgeon that removed the gall bladder for the follow up of that surgery as well as the hospital stay.   I am hoping to get answers to this pain because I really want to get back to crafting.

Thank you all so much for being patient and thank you for your support.

Grace & Peace,

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shelly said...

leah i hope you get well soon! sending warm thoughts and hugs your way.

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