Thursday, December 13

Medical Update

Posted by Leah
 Pain has been unendurable these last couple days. I have been curled up in a ball position with pillow tight to my chest. I can give you update on progress. I played phone tag with the doctor's offices. I called several times. They both returned my calls sometimes overlapping one another. I did make progress. They don't think at this point it is something surgical, however, they are not ruling that out completely. The have decided to send me to a pain clinic to see if they can help them in their direction. I will be getting a call from the pain clinic in the next day or two. I was instructed by both offices if I don't hear from them call them back. I did not hear back from them so they will be getting a phone call 8am from me.  Just to let them know the pain clinic hasn't called as of yet.

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