Tuesday, December 18

Medical Update

Posted by Leah
 Hi Everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a good start to their week.  This has been a rough start for me, but I'm hanging in there with the pain.  I know one day I'll be able to look back and say "If we had only known we could have done that first".  I know not everything works that way.  There are sometimes lessons if you will that we have to learn first that the Lord gives to us or allows for us to walk through.  I right now could be going through that now.  I have endured this pain from September until now and faced surgery in October.  There has been many trials through this, but I have been in prayer and digging in the Word to gain some insight as to what I'm facing.  I appreciate all the comments you have left or private messages you have sent to me.  They have been uplifting and encouraging.  I am forever grateful.

As I mentioned I have an update.  I do indeed.  My surgeon called and told me that my appointment for the pain clinic is set for January.  While I know this is a bit far off.  I have endured lots of pain from the start of this until now.  I was also told that if there was a cancellation that they would notify me.  I will too call to see if there are cancellations so that I may be able to get in before the set appointment. I could look at it as a set back because of the waiting time, but I will not.  I will look at this as a little progress; we are moving forward so maybe we will have an answer soon enough. 

Again thank you for your kind words of encouragement, your private messages as well.  Thank you so much!

Grace & Peace,

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Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate all your comments. I do read them all. I just wish I could tell each and everyone of you how much you make my day with the notes of encouragement. Thank you!!!


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