Tuesday, April 30

Aquatic Therapy Day!

Posted by Leah
 Hi Everyone!!! I hope you're having a wonderful morning!  Did y'all get your nice cup of coffee and breakfast?  I hope you did.  I haven't yet.  I only haven't because I never eat or drink before therapy.  I do this because one time I had in the very beginning and I was so, so sick.  I decided from then on I was never doing that again.  I have gotten sick from therapy since then, but I haven't eaten before therapy.  This is just something of my choosing.  I will eat a while after returning from therapy.

I hope to get a lot accomplished during therapy today.  I don't know where I will be pain level wise though.  Right now I'm at about a 4 of a 10.  I know this isn't bad to most.  It isn't that bad to me either, but it can change quickly.  I'm hoping that it won't, but we will see what happens after therapy.

I had something to post, but we will see when I can.  My husband took pictures for me, but said it was only for in house.  Nothing I can post about apparently.  I will find out more and hopefully I will be able to post about it.  It is something that I made on the Cricut. 

I am going to get off here and get myself ready for Aquatic Therapy!  Have a wonderful day everyone!!! I will try to be back to post about therapy after I return; be safe everyone!!!

Grace & Peace,

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