Saturday, April 20

Happy Weekend!

Posted by Leah
 Hi Everyone!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!  I have a fun filled weekend planned with family and friends.  I have been working on getting better.  I am still in physical therapy three times a week.  I am making progress.  I am able to endure more. I am working hard to get back to myself and begin enjoying life as it was.  I am still doing Weight Watchers as well. 

Here are some pictures of where I go for therapy.  This first picture is the gym area where I get to workout.  This they call "Land Therapy".  I know funny, but still I love being there.  I feel happy when I'm there.  It is difficult doing some of my therapy, but I know the benefits will outweigh how I feel sometimes.  I know days with pain are difficult, days with being sick from the therapy are also difficult to deal with as well.
This is Matt.  He is a great therapist.  I gave him a difficult time in the beginning.  Not on purpose by any means.  I was in so much pain that anything he tried I got so sick.  The pain was so intense then.  He really cares about the patients he works with.  He and his wife have been working with me and want to see me get to goal. They have been concerned with how long it is taking.  They have been concerned with the setbacks we've experienced.  Thank you Matt!!!
This is Julie my Aquatic Therapist.  She is a lot of fun and a great therapist.  She really cares about her patients she works with.  She cares how much pain they're experiencing; she changes up the therapy if you're in a lot of pain.  She will tell you not to do certain exercises with you in that much pain.  She has done this with me as well.   She has been helping me through this recovery from my surgery I had in October.  We still can't believe it is taking this long.  We have laughed in therapy.  I enjoy the warmth of the water as it is between 90 and 105 degrees.  She's helped me through my rough times in the water as well.    Here is another shot of the pool. Thank you Julie!!!
When we are in there the lines with the blue and white floats are not in.  The first section that you see before the dark blue line is 4' the next section you see is 4 1/2' then there is 5' a small corner is 5 1/2' then the other corner is 6'.  There is about a little step down each time you see the line.  I like to use the 4' to the 5 1/2'.  I am usually in the water with three other people.  There are several that I've made friends with.  One her name being Barbara.  She is 80 years young.  I say that because she is so funny and we enjoy each other.  She has me laughing when we are in the pool. The therapists when they're in there are laughing listening to us carry on.  We work on our therapy together.  I was to be in the pool M, W, & F, but I learned that Barb was in the pool on Tuesday & Thursday at a certain time. Because she was a high medical risk being there on days when the therapists were not.  She doesn't swim so that is why they wanted her on days therapists were there.  I told them that she liked to be in the water with me and wished I could be in there when she was.  We; myself and the therapists agreed that it would be good if I could be in there with her.  This way there would be someone in there with her in case she needed help I could be right there.  I told them I was honored to do it.  I enjoy being there with Barb - she makes me laugh so much.  There is one exercise that Julie has her do which is back kicks.  Barb says to me Thursday in the pool, "Time to kick some butt!"  I just looked at her; she started laughing then said kick some butt.  She told me to do the kicks she was doing.  We did and we laughed. Julie didn't tell me to do this exercise, but I figure it doesn't hurt so do it. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I do have some things I need to post here.  I will get them up.  I haven't been crafting much through this recovery, but I am now beginning to get into it again and hope to be posting much more.  Thank you for being there and encouraging me through this!

Grace & Peace,

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sis said...

sis u r always in my prayers u and ur family.
love u guys.

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