Monday, May 20

Angry Birds Birthday Invitations

Posted by Leah
 Hi Everyone!! Hope you're having a wonderful day!  I have been busy this past weekend.  I had so much going on; we had a death in the family.  We then had a busy weekend with Church services and the food pantry.  I must say our church service was great!!! There was so much in the message.  We had Law Enforcement Sunday this week.  There were many officers present.  I must say it was great!  They also had a station there for parents to have their child identification badges made.  We had one made again for our son.  We update his regularly.  I am so thankful for that service. How I found time to make these invitations I don't know, but I'm so thankful that they're completed.

 Sentiment Inside:

Please Join us for some summer fun
and sweet treats as we celebrate
Robbie's Birthday!

Place: Our address
Time: Party Time Date: Party Date
RSVP: text/call(123)456-7890 (Leah)

Cardstock in red,black, brown, white, sage green, yellow, tan
chalk ink cobalt blue
orange ink stamp pad
bakers twine
pop dots
atg gun
martha stewart's adhesive glue
stencil brush


Using the Cricut cut the following.  Use the stencil brush with the cobalt blue ink to make a sky background for your white cardstock.  Print the sentiment on the inside.

Card Background: 5x4"
Red cut at 3"
Eyes cut at .75
Eyebrows cut at .93
Eyes inner cut at .25
Mouth cut at .75
Body layer cut at .93

Pig cut at 2.25
Eyes cut at .75
Teeth cut at 1.9
Eyebrows cut at .22
Eyes inner cut at .44
Snout cut at .5
Ears outer layer cut at 1.25
Ears inner layer cut at 1.0

Chuck cut at 2.25
Eyes cut at .75
Eyes inner cut at .43
Hair cut at 1.5
Mouth cut at .75
Body layer cut at .93
Eyebrows .55

Slingshot cut at 4.3

Thank you again everyone for stopping by!  I hope you have fun crafting.  you'll have to post what you've been doing lately.  I'd love to hear from you.  Therapy continues.  I am at it 4x a week now. I have land and aquatic therapy.  I also am trying to get some walking in there too as I feel able to.  Some days I just can't get moving.  When I am in that I try to do some designing if I can.  Thanks again so much for your continued support and prayers.  

Grace & Peace,

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shelly said...

super cute leah!

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