Wednesday, May 22

Medical Update!

Posted by Leah

 Hi Everyone!!! Hope y'all are having a wonderful day!! We're enjoying our day after the tornado threats last night and the horrendous storms that rolled through.  The wind was soo strong!! I am thankful that the LORD protected our family through the storm.

Well, it has been a tough week as some of you know. I have continued with therapy while waiting results on what we're doing next with my arm and chest. I can say I can't wait for that day that I can say I have no pain. Monday and Tuesday were killer days in therapy they did combination of aquatic and land therapy. I was so wiped out for one, but secondly the pain was so much. I was packed between ice and the heat pack at times. At this rate I will run out of ice. Today I was to do land, but the time they wanted me to come in was my meeting time with WW. I told them maybe later.

I went to my Weight Watchers meeting today.  I was pleasantly surprised at the scale.  I thought I'd have a little drop, but nothing like I did.  I had a 3.8 pound rid of.  Hey, did you catch that "rid of"??? I say that because what I am getting rid of will not return.  I am making lifestyle changes and keeping to them.  I have been giving away the clothes that are too large on me.  I am not keeping them as the "what if" clothes.  I will not have a variety of sizes in my closet.  I am only having the clothes that fit me.  I do have some that are smaller sizes that I'm looking forward to getting into.  I am feeling so much better about myself with this weight coming off.  I am going to continue to goal.  A few have approached me about becoming a leader.  I have seriously thought about it.  I will consider that when I get to goal.  When I get closer to my goal I am going to return to my doctor to see if he wants to adjust the goal or not.  I am finding now with where I am I am wearing smaller sizes now than I did when I was going up -- does that make sense??? I just want to make sure that this goal that we have set is one that I can easily maintain and not struggle with for the rest of my life.  I don't want my weight to be a stress for me.  I want to be able to relax, but be able to maintain. I am looking for a bigger week next week. I don't mean in pounds rid of necessarily, but in activity. I so want out of this pain!!! I praise the Lord for giving me the endurance to get through this as far as I have come even with days that I'm sick because of the pain - most importantly for HIM to help me keep that positive attitude. Thank you JESUS!!!!!!

I have been beginning to create more with my Cricut.  I am hoping to have more pictures of projects posted here soon enough.  I am finding the creativity with my crafts is coming back slowly, but I'm really starting to enjoy it.  With my recovery from complications from surgery has made crafting difficult.

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a wonderful crafty night!!!
Grace & Peace,

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