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Shout out to our school Principal!!!

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Hi Everyone!!! Good Morning!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful start to your day.  I am!! I began my morning by attending our school pride assembly this morning.  I always find them full of spirit for the children; so uplifting.
I have to say that our staff there is great!!! They are full of enthusiasm, but first and foremost they have our children's hearts at the front!  They always greet them, give them smiles, words of encouragement, and when one is sad or upset they give a tender spirit toward that child and listen intently to what is upsetting them.  I saw this first hand this morning.  One of the students was upset, he had been crying some.  I must say it broke my heart to see this young man like this as I was with him just yesterday with three other boys on our field trip.  I immediately consoled him, and asked if there was anything I could help him with.  I asked if he needed me to get a teacher's attention.  He replied no on each of these, but thanked me with a thankful heart.  I can say this ended well as he gave me a high five as I was leaving!  High Five, Alex!!!  He also thanked me for stepping up to help him in his time of need on the field trip as well. I must say he has a tender heart.  I saw this first hand yesterday on the field trip.  As you know I have been dealing with medical issues.  This young man saw that I was experiencing some pain; he asked his classmates to give me a few minutes to get so I wasn't in pain.  They were all very sweet in this!!
Thank you all!!!

Now let's get back to this man in the picture.  He's our school Principal; a great man!  I have to say he's got the children's best interest at hand!! He is so enthusiastic and right in there with the children to make them laugh, give them a high five, to give a hug when needed, a word of correction when needed.  *PssT!  I'm glad I'm in on that one!  Sorry, Mr. Colabufo!! (I won't tell you I was there once when you did have to give word of correction to a student - you caught me off guard with your stern voice you needed to use -  I jumped a mile - then you had me shaking for quite a while after that...hehe.  I must say that I have a thankful and grateful heart toward you for how you care for each of our students at our school.  I am thankful they have you as their Principal!

I hate to do this to you, but I must fill our readers in on this little thing that I do with you...hehehe.  I promise I will be nice after all I wouldn't want to end up in your office to receive a word of correction.  I have been to the different assembly's they've had throughout the year.  Each time they have no bus referrals then our Mr. Colabufo allows us to do something fun to him.  We have had him wear bunny ears, dance like a leprechaun, then we had him wear a hat with a bird nest on top. Hehe, we love him!  We most of all love his good spirit about doing this for the children - they really love it!  This morning they had him rescue a little pony, a kitten and another from three houses.  He had 30 seconds to do this and if he didn't complete it he was to get a pie in the face.  I must say the children really wanted him to get that pie in the face.  He did manage to save all three just in time.  The children were disappointed, because he didn't get that pie.  While he was rescuing the three you could hear the children shouting "Pie in the face! Pie in the face! Pie in the face!" Can we say they were were trying to distract him. I must say you, do take it well when I do these little character's of you.  (Smiles)

 *Psst! I didn't say anything, but he has them all up on his door. Oh, oh and I have something special planned for end of the year too.  I can't believe it is almost the end of the year!! It is a good thing, but yet this is a sad time for me too.  I have to say good-bye to many of the students and the teachers.  There are ones that just know how to pull my heart strings.  I have to say there are some very special staff members that I thank so much for giving my son the attention and care when needed.  I am thankful that they come to me when a situation arises that they are concerned about and we handle together to get it resolved quickly.  I must say I'm so grateful to our wonderful nurse at our school Patti!! She's such a sweet woman and dear friend.  She has been great with our son with his special needs. She's called me to let me know when he's fallen or had other issues with regulating his body temperature. She's cared for him as well as notified me of anything that I need to be aware of before he arrives home!!! Thanks sooo much Patti!!!! Another is Lori a dear friend of mine; Robbie has a special place in her heart!  I am thankful for her - he knows just how to melt her heart. We've had some talks and agreed on things that are important to his heart - that he needs to learn we have spoken to him.

Grace & Peace, 

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