Monday, June 10

Boom! Boom! What was that??

Posted by Leah
 Hi Everyone!!! Hope you're all having a great beginning to your week.  I have been busy.  I was to go to therapy this morning, but I will be going later this afternoon.  My little one likes to go with me.  I enjoy him being there with me as well.  He is a great motivator!! WTG Son!!!

 Now for the fun to begin.  You ask what fun?? Right? Well, let me fill you in.  Where I receive therapy they have been having issues with the pool.  The heater in particular.  The heater has been making a "boom" like a car back firing.  Talk about giving you a fright in the pool when you're not expecting it.  Also when you weren't warned that the pool had been doing that.  Well, now my therapist Matt has been coming in the pool area asking me if there have been any "booms"; I answer no not that I've heard.  ( They have had someone to come in and look at it- there was 3 breaks in a pipe - it has been replaced, but not sure why the booms continue).

I decided to have some fun with Matt. Hope he doesn't peek.  I decided with his wife to have some fun.  We thought since he comes in the pool area where we are asking about the *boom* thought we'd give him one.  We decided it would be fun to play a prank on him.  Mind you it is all in fun.  There is another patient that will be there that wants to see Matt's face when we put this on the door of the heater.  LOL!!!!!

Here's the "Boom" without further adieu!!
Cardstock in Red, Orange, Yellow and Black
adhesive of your choice (I used my ATG Gun)
Batman The Bold and Brave©Cricut Cartridge

Have a blessed day and thanks so much for stopping by!!!
Grace & Peace,

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