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Book Review- Biff and Becka's Stupendous Vacation By: Elaine Beachy

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 I chose this book to read with our son.  He loves to read and we also have enrolled him into a reading program with our local library so when we saw this book we were really excited to read it.  As a parent we have many obligations to raise our children to teach them values and God's ideals this isn't always easy. We face many challenges with our children in our daily lives; from simple to more complex.  In the book there was a pay cut that ruined a family's annual vacation.  We as parents some times have to be the deliverer of disappointing news.  I know with the challenges our family has had this past year we've had to do that very thing with our son.  We have also drawn closer together through these changes as you read in the story of these families how they overcame their challenge of not having the annual vacation that they look forward to each year.  This book encourages children through all the challenges they face in their lives to have godly behavior, treat their family, friends, and siblings with godly behavior.  Also I saw in reading the book with our son that the book teaches them to trust God to bring the good out of the bad.  This has been challenging for our son as I have had serious medical issues that I have been dealing with.  My last surgery I flat lined 2x now I'm facing another surgery.  I brought that out because our son has been having a difficult time with receiving this news.  As you can understand, but in reading this book it has challenged him to trust God more to bring the good out of this upcoming surgery and put away the bad. Just as you read about Biff and the challenges he faces you can see God at work.  Then as you get to the end it is and exciting twist, but great!

I found this book exciting and keeping you reading on to find out what was happening next.  I would recommend it to Moms with young children to read it with their children.  We will be looking for more books by Elaine Beachy from our local library.  So dig into reading - Grab a book and have some fun family reading time.  Thanks for stopping by!
 *I received this e-book through the Book Sneeze blogger program in exchange for my review. I am not required to give a positive review.*

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