Tuesday, September 24

Book Review! Integrated Study Bible (NIV Version)

Posted by Leah

Good Morning Everyone!!!! Hope everyone is having a great start to their day!  It's a chilly one here; stay warm everyone! 
 I wanted to get this review up on here for everyone that has requested it.  I have been asked to review this Bible.  The opinions are my own; I am not required to give a positive review. 
I must say that when I first received this in the mail I wasn't sure how to get into it to read and study.  I know; just open and read.  This is typical of some, but I wanted to see more.  I wanted to look at the layout of the Bible see how it was written for the reader.  I wanted to see if this was easy to follow where it was going.  I found it difficult to find a certain passage that I was looking for, but then found the index at the end.  I feel that this is good for a resource for a Pastor for sermon or a lesson preparation.  I would say this is great for reading the Bible and understanding how the events in the Bible weave together.  Another point that I enjoyed was the timeline that was running along the bottom of the pages so you knew exactly where you were in time.
 The more that I got into reading this Bible I found that I really enjoyed it and was easy to read through and understand. I will continue to read this one and my other Bible.
  I wanted to thank BookSneeze for providing me with this Bible for review! Thank you BookSneeze!
Grace & Peace,

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