Monday, October 7

Book Review 12 Days in Africa

Posted by Leah

 Lisa traveled to Uganda with her teenage son
 on a 12 day mission trip. In an orphanage her
 world view abruptly changed as she held a shivering,
 emaciated little boy who lay dying of malaria. This
 experience and others while on the trip were so profound
 that she is compelled to share them with you. Come and walk
 with Lisa through Uganda as God shows her His different
 definitions of “mother.”

Hi Everyone!! Hope everyone is doing well. I found this book and what a time to choose to read it.  This month is missions month at our church.  I thought how appropriate a read.  I found this book to be difficult to follow at times, but I continued on reading.  I found that the author jumped around from day to day then back to the day that she had talked about previously.  What was upsetting was that these people needed clean water, but there was none to be found.  We take some things for granted or don't think about these things because they're just there for us.   Reading this makes you think about places like Africa or others that don't have clean water.   The book showed things that still envelope the area with witchcraft, rapes that are daily occurrences, starving, amongst other things.  When reading this book and learning the experiences that the author endured and saw while there made me thankful for the way life is here.  I felt that my heart was burdened to pray for these people and others that don't have the things that we have here like food, and clean water, and medical attention.  I think of some of the things that I've been dealing with over a year now.  Granted I don't complain about it, but it seems minor compared to what these people endure on a daily basis.
Another thing I noticed with the book was some grammar issues such as missing capitalizations and spelling errors.  I felt at one point I felt like I was proofing the book. 

Grace & Peace,

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