Tuesday, December 10

Book Review: NIV Ragamuffin Bible

Posted by Leah
Good Morning Everyone!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!! I received this Bible from Booksneeze to review.  I like to review books and Bible's and other resources from them.  
 The title of this Bible is what drew me to it to review.  I did find the devotional portions and the various quotes uplifting.  I thought there would have been more visual things through the Bible with this being a themed Bible, but there wasn't.  I was reading in Psalm 30 through parts of Psalm 31 and the quote in Psalm 30 really helped me when I was presented with something difficult in our family.  I felt that God lead me to this chapter in particular with the news we had just received about our son and what we'd be facing in the weeks, months and years ahead.  I found this to be comforting.  As I continued to use and read through this Bible I found it uplifting and encouraging and the quotes appropriate for  the day I was walking through. 
I would recommend this Bible to anyone.  I mentioned I found it helpful, uplifting and encouraging.  The version of the Bible is ultimately your choosing.  I have a version that I prefer; this one is in NIV.  This is a version that I grew up with from my childhood. 

Grace & Peace,

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