Monday, January 20

The Reason for My Hope Book Review

Posted by Leah

 Hi Everyone!! Hope you are doing well.  I have been reading another book and working on some more projects.  I hope to get them posted soon.

The book I have been reading is written by Billy Graham, The Reason for My Hope. I have always loved watching and listening to Billy Graham on his television broadcasts. This book is a great read, so inspirational.  I highly recommend it for anyone.  I found this book very captivating and the message of salvation very clear.  I found this book helpful with all that I have going on. I found it to refocus me and reground me with my walk with Christ.  The book reminded me that when things arise it is the throne we are to run to. I love how Dr. Graham puts things in perspective and easy to understand, straight forward.
Dr. Graham is someone special to our family.  My Mother loves to get every book she can that he's written.  She gets so excited as do I when another book comes out written by Dr. Graham.  I know she has them all.  He was one that my Mother heard and became saved.  I heard him and he made the plan of salvation clearer for me.  I was ready and I talked to my Mother and made my decision.  I am so glad that I did.  Oh, I have had my share of challenges in life and I know I will continue to, but I have Christ on my side and I'm not alone.

Grace & Peace,

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