Tuesday, March 11

More Fun!!! Principal Fun!!!

Posted by Leah
 Hi Again Everyone!!! I must say that I wish to continue on with the fun!! Our Principal is such a goodhearted man.  He loves to have fun with our students. When we have no bus referrals he will dress up in something special.  You know when he does this I just have to create something special for him.  A mini one of him dressed as the part.  I then take this and put it on his door to surprise him.  The best part of this deal is I get to do it when he least expects it.  I just love his comments :) .

I must share with you the fun he's had.  He first dressed up as the Fox for what does the fox say.  This is what I came up with to put on his door..he was observing today, but he didn't catch me putting these on his door.  hehehe
Then he dressed as his Grandmother.  Now this I had to do.  I just had to do it.  He is such a good sport with this.  She made a special sauce - this is what he has in his pot.  I had fun with this one the most I think or maybe it was the next one...hehe.  I will let you decide. 
I thought this was so cute.  I just couldn't resist this one.  LOL!!! Here is the final one.  I did this one for his birthday. The students wear a crown for their birthday's and guess what ... yes they did....they got their Principal to wear one for his birthday.  I just had to do this one.  Here is what I came up with :)
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