Saturday, April 5

Sad,but happy news......

Posted by Leah

Dr. Shoemaker
Great Doctor 
and Friend

Good Afternoon Everyone!!! Hope you're having a great weekend! We are just getting started in our fun.  I have some fun things planned for our son.  I have been designing this morning for some things our school has requested.
As you see at the top of this post "Sad, but happy news..." I wrote that because this wonderful doctor who has walked with us through the diagnosis process with our son will be leaving us to move on to another big adventure in his career.  We are very happy for him, but sad that he will be leaving us.  We are very thankful that he has given us his personal contact information that we may stay in contact with him as we continue through this journey with our son to keep him updated with the progress and infusions.  
We made him a gator in 3-D for him to have on his desk or in a special place he chooses.  We also made him this special card.  Before I show you I want to leave a special message for Dr. Shoemaker.
Dr. Shoemaker just want to say thank you and we really appreciate, value all that you have done for us and with our son.  You have made this diagnosis more understandable and easier to walk through.  We love all you have done; may you enjoy your new adventure. You seemed so excited for your new position.  We hope you share with us some of your excitement and adventure.  We will be in contact with updates. 
Now all that you have been waiting for........the card

Grace & Peace,

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