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Happy Sunday Blessings Everyone!!!

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I was asked to create a spring bulletin board with these words.  I have heard them said before, but never really thought much about them until this was given to me to do.  I almost finished the words with planted, but I decided not to.  Why you may ask, well I thought we are all in different places in our walk with Christ.  Some of us are baby Christians just beginning our walk, some of us have been walking with Christ for a while and are still growing. Then there are some of us that have been walking with Christ for many, many years.

We need to embrace with contentment God's calling on our lives.  The saying has the sense that we are to let God use us and seek to be fruitful wherever we are. He has great plans for us if only we will step out of our comfort zone.  He will show us that it's ok and we will enjoy every moment. 

Bloom where you are planted. It is an old statement, but there is a lot of truth to the words. I think, though, in order to truly bloom where we are planted we must be thankful for more than just the location that we call home; we must also be grateful for the circumstances and the seasons in which we find ourselves and learn to praise God and see His loving hand in both the good and the difficult things in our lives.

I say this because, I know in my own life that I have had some hard seasons and circumstances to deal with and face.  I know without God I couldn't get through these.  I would have fallen flat on my face, given up, threw in the towel.  I didn't do that because I do have a relationship with Christ and my walk may not be the perfect walk, but it's the walk He has for me. I have had several challenges even recently as of this past December.  I had a scare with the words "cancer". I do not have cancer, but right now I am one step away from it as my doctor said.  We are doing treatment right now and I will be having a biopsy in April.  I am placing it in God's hands because HE holds the answer, He holds the cure.  I know we can do this.  I have been doing what I have been instructed to.  I have confidence, faith that we will be getting a good biopsy report. 

As  you may have read in past posts or even recent posts because we just had Rare Disease Day; my son and I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta.  I could say that this has brought us down.  I will say this however, it did drop me to my knees in the beginning.  You may ask why.  Our son is special needs and we have had a wild ride with his special needs.  I say wild ride meaning we have had many things to learn about each one of them.  We had to learn how to help him with processing things and just learning how to get through his day. Now with the Osteogenesis Imperfecta as part of his life and mine we could have let it control us and keep us from doing the things we love or want to do.  We just do them with caution.  We have learned how to put God into this and show Him praise through this.  We show this through our unbreakable spirits.  We may fracture, but we don't let this get us down.  We keep our spirits up.

Grace & Peace,

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