Tuesday, June 30

Grow Big in God

Posted by Leah

Greetings! I decided that I would review this book as I thought it may be a good tool for a new Christian. I thought that I could pick up a couple copies and have in my library as a resource. Another point from this book was that it was a refreshing read for me. I say this because I knew the things that I should be doing, should know be there already. While reading this brought points to my mind to consider how I have been and if improvement (maybe wrong wording, but you get my point) be made. Another that I have been thinking about is Discipleship. Discipleship is about growing deep and long and high and wide in the Lord. Discipleship is about being filled with and controlled by the Holy Spirit. It is about expressing the fullness of His love to everyone you come into contact with.  I have been studying on this because it has been a subject that I desired more of a knowledge for.  I hope you take the time to get a copy of this book and read it as I have. I was not told how to write my review, I am thankful for the copy I received. I will be sharing this book with others. Thank you.

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