Saturday, September 26

Anything Book Review

Posted by Leah

I was presented with this book to review. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this one then when I started reading I found this book applied to so many aspects of what I was dealing with. This one part in particular caught my attention right away.. "God is saying, I am God! I know what I am doing. I know this feels excruciating, but I am about something here, and I am asking you to trust the one who tells the ocean to stop and the sun when to launch. There is no escaping it. He is God, and if our suffering brings him the most glory, let it be." As the book says easy to preach, difficult to live. I found in reading this book that there are many events in our lives that are difficult, trials, challenges that we have to walk. We can choose to do it alone, do it with me and family, do it with God.  I choose to do it with God, family and friends.  The hardest part comes when you have to thank God for the good and the bad, because really you don't know the difference. Through all of the challenges God builds our lives whether we give him permission or not.

If we believe the Bible, we must believe that the heart of our unpredictable, sovereign God is good, that he sees us and is for us, even though he allows this pain.  Not until Heaven will we know. The challenge for me is that my faith must remain greater than my pain and my fears through this challenge.

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