Friday, October 9

The Real House of God -- Book Review

Posted by Leah

This book as I was given the opportunity to review it; I thought it was going to be a very different book.  I thought it was going to be descriptive of Heaven. God's house; I was so ready to jump in.  I then opened the book and found that I was about to have a very different experience.  This was not on Heaven in the way I was thinking. Don't get me wrong, the author does talk about Heaven. This was on God's vessels, us, me. I was about to learn all that God designed me to be as His vessel.  God doesn't leave us with out tools to protect against the enemy.  He provides us with His armor.  We are to dress ourselves in the armor then activate it with prayer. We are to pray strategically.

Praise is designed to remind you of the full extent of who God is so your perspective of everything in your life changes. When you praise God, you are reminded that He is the most powerful Being, the Creator and ruler of the whole universe, the one who is present everywhere, and yet spends intimate time with you, who is all-knowing and all wise and yet your most ardent lover and best friend. You are reminded that He is your divine healer, your divine lover, and your most vigilant defender.  I would highly recommend this book, but know that you have to have your full attention on the book.  Keep distractions to a minimum. 

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