Friday, November 27

52 Little Lessons From A Christmas Carol

Posted by Leah

This book caught my attention quickly as I love the story of a Christmas Carol. I just knew that this would be great. Then when I found that the story was being related to the scriptures this drew me in even more. I read and savored over each lesson.  I also found that some of the great scriptures that I love are in some of the lessons laid out in this book. I plan to share this book with a few friends. Most of us live our lives somewhere in the middle, neither rich nor poor. But A Christmas Carol seems less concerned with the bottom line of our personal ledgers than the bottom line of our hearts. The book subtly asks: Who are you? Giver or taker? Proud or humble? The Scrooge before enlightenment or the Scrooge we now see in transition to something greater?   This really makes you think  about your position on things. I  really enjoyed this book, I am glad that I was able to have the opportunity to review this book.

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