Monday, November 30

Chocolate Covered Cashews Book Review

Posted by Leah

I was given the opportunity to write a review for this book Chocolate Covered Cashews. I was not sure what to expect from was quick glances of others reviews of this book. I sat dowñ in my favorite reading book that I have created for myself. I opened the book and began to read. I felt bad for the author in a way as to how his relationship with his first wife had gone as well as his relationship with his one daughter. In spite of that even when life gives you difficult challenges, choices; there are always opportunities for rejoicing in the blessings of life as well. I felt bad for him when Faith didn't want to have part, but then his daughter Grace did and in that he received blessing from that.
I found when I was reading that I was hanging on for the next event, the next part then the book just suddenly ended.  I was surprised that it ended that way.  I was thinking about what I had read, not really wanting to put the book down just yet. My son then poses a question related to his homework. I wait for him and the question is how a chapter in the book they are reading in class can be related to another text. The way the story went in this book worked similarly for him with school. I was shocked. I will be passing this book on to a few friends of mine.

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