Tuesday, January 12

Book Review Time!!!!

Posted by Leah

Hi Everyone!!! Hope all of you are doing well.  I have been so busy with things throughout the holiday then birthdays. Y'all know who you are. 

This wonderful Bible came up to be reviewed. I had heard some about it prior to my having opportunity to review it. I was looking forward to this and seeing it for myself. After receiving this I jumped right in.  Hope I didn't splash anyone, lol just had to say that.  In my reading time and devotional time with the Lord I really appreciate having this great tool.  I found that there were special insights along the way as well as having an outline of the book prior to reading it. The outline gives description of the prophecy and the fulfilment.  I really like this.  Also I noticed that within the chapters there are certain verses underlined; below is a writeup about the verse in detail.  I would recommend this to be a Bible to get. There is so much information packed in here besides having the best book ever the Bible! I hope that you will look into this Bible and get one for your next one. I know that this is going to be a great gem in my library.  Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!!!  I am so glad that I had opportunity to review this Bible.



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