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Semi Serious

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Book Description

Follow along with Charlotte Stone as she takes you on a whimsical religious adventure from middle school teacher to big rig driver. Join her for the laughs and tears as she takes you from the initial decision to the training she under went and even through her challenging rookie year. “Semi Serious is for those at every stage of their own spiritual journey, since there are as many different roads to faith as there are people in this world,” says Stone.

My Review
  I saw this book and it caught my attention as my Father who now has passed on, was also a truck driver.  He drove regular semi's, block trucks and tandem trailers. I give him great credit for being out there like that in all sorts of conditions from weather to traffic and more.  The story in this book speaks of a middle school teacher, Charlotte became a truck driver!!!! Just the thought of that just blows my mind. Reading all that Charlotte goes through just in getting started on her run; all the run down of inspections for the truck just for safety. I have heard my Father say the same. He even mentioned about the company putting things as a temptation to the driver, by putting things in the truck as they load. The driver is to be responsible and turn these things in. My Father got upset them doing this, he told them to stop; he's not going to take anything nor be responsible for someone else taking whatever they put there that he didn't see when someone gets to the back of the truck before him. I am so glad that I have been given the opportunity to review this book. I know there has been mixed reviews with others who have read this book, but having a truck driver for a Dad ( amongst other things), friends who drive truck I think made this a good read for me.


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