Friday, February 12

Blessings in small things with a big heart!

Posted by Leah

Hi, Everyone!!! Hope you are having a great day!!! Looking forward to the weekend.  Stay warm everyone -- it's going to be a "deep freeze" as my husband says. We are going to be lucky if we can get above zero this weekend. They're predicting we can go as low as -40 below.

I don't know if many of you know that I fractured my wrist. I did, no I don't have a great story to tell with it. The morning was a typical morning.  Getting the family up and ready for their day. We had an event that evening for our son.  I was at the door with my husband after being outside getting our son on the bus.  I closed the door and the pain in my wrist made me pull away quickly.  My husband asked me what did you do that you reacted that way? I replied, I don't know, but it really hurts.  I had a splint in the house.  I figured I will wear it; get through the night for our son's event.  We had two hours to get him there when he came home from school. The bus pulls up, our son is getting off and can hardly walk. I find out that he turned his ankle before getting on the bus. I now have to contact my husband to inform him of this with our son. I finally reach him, tell him what's happened -- he says are you kidding him too, he's hurt too!! He immediately comes home from work to take us to the orthopedic. We get there, my husband says let's get you two checked out together. I said, but dear we have to get him to the event!!! He said, we will get there. We go through the process of getting checked out. Son has a bad sprain and a hairline crack; me, I have a fracture to the wrist. What a great pair my son and I are. This is just a day in our lives. We have Osteogenesis Imperfecta. We were both born with this. The fractures are just one of the side effects of the disease.

Today my sweet husband and I had to go to our town office to pay for a food program they offer. There is no requirement for using this program. It's a great supplement to the groceries we purchase for the month. We were on our way into the building when we saw a woman walking her little dog out the building. Anyone who knows me, knows well that I love dogs.  I had to reach down to this little fellow and pet him. I did and he was so precious. When this little fellow saw my cast he pawed at me to pick him up. I did because his owner said go ahead, it's okay. I do, then the precious little guy starts kissing my hand and cast. I said oh my goodness, he's so cute! His owner said, yes,  he is. She then told me that he's a therapy dog. She takes him to the local hospitals here; sees the children and other patients. She then said that when he saw my cast he knew "kisses for the cast". She then explained that she trained him to kiss the person's hand then the cast to essentially tell them to get better. I thought this was so sweet. I can say that it really made my day.

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