Saturday, June 4

Unstuffed Book Review

Posted by Leah

When I first received this book as a review I thought it was something more,but I was wrong. I know we all like to collect things throughout our lives. It is when someone says our home looks cluttered or we ourselves notice it that we now need to take action. I know myself we have too much in our home. We didn't at first, but then when family members started passing away we were given many things. I have to say some were needed like our refrigerator, freezer, needed dressers, beds etc. The other things were more of sentimental. When we do clear things out like this or we pack things away and rotate things out; it can feel fresh. Sometimes that's all we need with a room or two in our home, feeling of freshness. The book also talked about unstuffing our minds and lives. I feel this is a big thing for every one because the more we clutter our minds and lives with things we cannot be focused. Some relationships we are involved in can be very toxic to us. A relationship with family members or friends can be good and other relationships can be toxic in that if one is disrespecting you and you just take it and cannot wait to get away from that person. When you learn to call out the person in a loving, non attacking way, threatening way the person receives your words, listens and will respect you in what you say when you tell them how you felt when they did it to you. Overall, I am glad that I had the opportunity to review this book. Thank you for stopping back. 

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