Monday, June 6

Warrior Wife Book Review

Posted by Leah

Good morning everyone! Hope you're having a good start to your day. I have been given Warrior Wife to review. This one brought back so many memories for me as I am a NAVY wife. As I was reading this book there was a lot of good advice contained within the pages. I wish I had opportunity to read this early in the days of deployment. I found these difficult times as I was in another state from friends and family. I had new friends to make and they would become my family away from my family where I am from. I had one motto if you will with my husband it is this. Stand firm to the battle waged against you. Together as a couple, you need to support each other. No matter the challenges you both face standing firm with one another will give you the strength you need to get through the deployments. The toughest deployment for us was when my husband was called to war. The fear that tears through you as you say your goodbyes; ours were see you soon. The scary times of when the flag comes to your door. I had the flag come to my door twice; no it wasn't for my husband,but it was because someone wanted to do harm. These were some of the things we faced, others didn't know. I found this book a good read, hope you take to!e to read it yourself. Thanks for stopping by.


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