Saturday, July 2

American Woman's Bible NKJV Review

Posted by Leah

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I want to take the time to tell you how much I like this bible. I found many of the photos to be nicely done with caption of the ones in the photo as well as information we may have not known. I also enjoyed reading the quotes throughout the bible. There was one of the many that caught my attention. This one by Corrie Ten Boom was one. “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you.” – Corrie ten Boom. The pictures were great. I found the bible to be very inspirational. Encouraging in many of the quotes given by ones given opportunity to be a part of the process of putting this Bible together. I liked the introduction at the beginning of the books and the inspire parts as well. It allowed us to look into the lives of others and see how God affected their lives. I can say He has impacted my life greatly. Recently I had two surgeries the same day. This was for something that we have been trying to figure out for ten years! The doctor was two months booked; received call two days after appointment with date. I didn't call to see if I could have it sooner, husband didn't, my other doctor didn't. God did it. The excruciating pain and the problem that caused the pain gone. I would recommend getting this bible for yourself or for someone you care deeply for. Thank you for stopping by. 


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