Friday, September 16


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Greetings everyone! I finished this book. I must say that it contains many gems within its pages. I enjoyed reading the book. While reading it, it challenges your heart, makes you think about your parenting style. I liked the prayers that were at the end of each dare, then the book leaves you with something to do with your child. The book gives you questions to pose to your child that your children will answer. You may not like what you hear, but this just shows where our children are in their thinking and communication skills. There is a section that assess your parenting interaction and asks us to revisit our childhoods. In one it has us focus on God's vision; many dares were great. They I felt were conversation starters that we could have with our children. By being understanding, listening, being compassionate, showing empathy our children appreciate. They feel the responsibility. When we offer voice of encouragement not only are we helping our children, the verse of encouragement goes a log way. When we tell them a life experience we had; that we suffered through. Our children go through life experiences that aren't always easy. We as their parents can come in and share our experience that comes close the situation they are facing giving them the tools to get through and make them stronger, more competitive but stronger to face and deal with life's challenges. 

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