Friday, September 30

Weight Watchers Journey

Posted by Leah
Hi Everyone!!! This morning started out as any other day, but then things changed when I received a text "call me please".  When you know a family member isn't doing well and you get one of those messages; it can throw your day.  I was quite shaken by the news. My wonderful husband whom God blessed me with said, "Don't just go, check in and go. Do this for you, go to the meeting." I had to go to meeting and weigh in. When I arrived I wasn't sure I was staying. I was asked if I were staying "I don't know." Then was asked if I wanted or needed to talk to Robin my leader. "No, I don't think so."  She saw my face, saw that I had been crying and took me off immediately to go talk. I am so thankful for the support of the staff at Weight Watchers. I did stay and I am glad that I did. One thing that Robin said to me was "Don't let this take you to food. Don't let your emotions run, thinking food will be your satisfaction. Stay on track, have a good week. We are here for you."  I have to admit when she said that the first thought I had was "where's my water!!! I need my water!!"  What did I do after meeting; couldn't wait to get home. I stopped at Burger King on my way; I ordered a water!!! They asked "Would you like anything else?" No, just a water is fine. Now when I go back to my meeting I have to let my leader know.  

I have a few more things to get up on here. Hope you stop back.  Have a wonderful day!!! 


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