Monday, October 3

NKJV Word Study Bible Review

Posted by Leah
 Good morning! I want to first say that the opinion given for the NKJV Word Study Bible is my own. I was given a free copy for review. I enjoyed reading from this Bible. I also found myself chasing down various words from our sermon Sunday. I found that it gave me a deeper understanding of the message given by our wonderful Pastor. When you turn to the back of the Bible there is a listing of the English word index along with a Scripture passage index. These are followed up by Strong's Hebrew Number Index as well as Strong's Greek Number Index. There is also a concordance, then lastly there are maps in the back. The maps contain the world of the patriarchs, exodus and conquest of Canaan, land of the twelve tribes, kingdom of David and Solomon, Jesus' ministry, lastly, Paul's missionary journeys, Jerusalem in the time of Jesus.  This Bible contains so much. I enjoyed reading and getting a deeper look at the scriptures. I felt like I was on a hunt at times going from this word to the next scripture to the next until I found myself onto another journey in word study. I also appreciated that in the beginning of each book there was a synopsis of the book as well as a listing of watch words for you to be on the lookout as you dive into God's word. I hope this helps you to choose the right Bible for you. Thanks for stopping by.


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