Monday, October 3

Prayers for my Dear Sweet Auntie Cora

Posted by Leah

 I have to admit that this post is going to be difficult for me as I am so close to this beautiful woman of God.  She has taught me so much over the many years that I have known her.  I met her when my husband and I were first dating over 35 years ago now. Wow!!! Has it really been that long?  She found that I really loved crafting and she encouraged my crafting habit as I have encouraged hers as well.  You could say we were two peas in a pod her and I.  I then married her nephew, my high school sweetheart. We have been married now for 27 years. My husband and I had a "mini vacation" if you will for a short time. She was the one that stood by me during that time. She sent letters, cards, made phone calls, sent Christmas present, Birthday present.  Who does that??? Auntie Cora does!!!! I love her to pieces. She is such a godly woman. She encouraged me to hang in there; listen to her nephew's heart, listen to my heart. She encouraged me to dig into God's word.  She prayed with me, listened to me through my tears.
Now I stand in the gap and ask all of you to stand in the gap with me in prayer for my Aunt Cora. She is in liver failure; she never drank alcohol. She recently went to the doctor because of some issues she was facing and they upon testing found a brain tumor which is cancer.  It was so difficult hearing that she now has brain cancer on top of the liver failure.  I am a mess about this as you probably know. The doctor said this has to be removed immediately. They are doing surgery on her as I write this. We will find out more later this evening, but I am asking you my friends, family and followers to stand in the gap and pray for her as well.  I know we all as family appreciate every one of your prayers.
I must get busy crafting because I know that's what Aunt Cora would expect out of me.  I love her soo much!!! I am glad that I had the blessing of a personal message before she went in for surgery telling me she loves me!  I love her and I sent a personal message back to her and asked that it be delivered before she went under.

Thank you all for being here! Have a great day!!!!

Grace & Peace,

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