Thursday, October 13

Tucci Charms

Posted by Leah

Good Morning Everyone!! Here I am again. I hope everyone is having a good morning. I have been busy changing things in my house. I will post about that in a little bit. I need to tell you about this great site. I have an Italian charm bracelet that was given to me by my best friend. When I learned that I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta I knew I needed to get some sort of medical ID. My wonderful Pastor's wife is working on one for me as well. I got this one for when I want to be casual. I am very grateful for Mark from Tucci Charms. He helped me out in selecting the right product to add to my current bracelet; he answered questions that I had and replied quickly. I chose my product then it was shipped to me and it came fast! Great service! I recommend them for medical ID's. 

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