Monday, November 7

God's Beloved Daughters Book Review

Posted by Leah
Hi Everyone!!! I have been given the opportunity to write a review for this book. The opinions I bring forth are my own. I am not told to give certain opinion. I found this book to be a good devotional and a study all wrapped up in one book. I also felt that it was kind of a companion with another book that I am currently reading with our  Mom's group at our church. I found this book to be encouraging, challenging and thought provoking as well.  I like when a book can do all this. I read through this quickly to get this review up. The devotional would take a year to go through. 
Each time I pick up this book something else jumps out at me that God wants to teach me. I really like that. I would give this to friends of mine. I know several have made comments that they wouldn't recommend the book. That is your own opinion, but I may have felt another way had I not been reading the current book I am into right now. I would hope that you would make your decision based upon your reading the book. Thank you for reading my review. 

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