Wednesday, December 28

NKJV Know the Word Bible

Posted by Leah

Greetings everyone!!! How is everyone after celebrating Christmas?? We celebrated Christ's birth with a grand illumination.  I will include pictures at the end of this. What better book to have with me for the Christmas Eve service and the Christmas Day service than this one. I was pleased when this one came up for review. I really enjoy studying the word of God. This took a bit to get used to the navigation, but when I did I found it to be a great tool. I enjoyed the book to book study. I also like the links within the books and chapters when there is something that needs expression. Further study; I love when a Bible has so many features to it to help you dig into the Word of God. I caught myself chasing this scripture to follow this link to this one to the next. I was soon into something that I needed from the Lord to help me through something in my life. I would recommend this Bible for study and also to add to the library on your shelf. I have mine in ebook form because I can't always pick up heavy things. Bibles I know aren't heavy, but when you have brittle bones you have to make some choices you may not always enjoy. 

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