Sunday, December 18

Surprise Gift

Posted by Leah

Surprise gifts that come in the mail totally unexpected.  A great blessing to share with family and friends that visit. I saw this box and it said a gift from "Mom"....hmmm, that sent me on a chase.  You thought first oh that's simple it's from your Mom silly!!! No, it wasn't especially when my Mom said what's "The Swiss Colony"? I reminded her and she said no, the package is not from me.  I thought again, maybe from my dear friend at church who I call Mom and Silly Gramma when my son is near, not from her either.  Then I had inboxed a dear friend on Facebook and said "Swiss Colony, yummm!!!!!!" My dear friend back said "I hope you enjoy your gift."  Oh, I am enjoying it along with my family and friends.

How is everyone doing with getting ready for Christmas??? Does everyone have their shopping done???? We have a couple more things to get done...yes I like to make gifts for friends and family.  I am getting them done then I need to get on to the boards at church.

Grace & Peace,

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