Wednesday, February 22

Relaxing Wednesday

Posted by Leah
Hi Everyone!!! I hope that you're having a wonderful day. I have been enjoying my little family.  My husband is busily working in the home and outside the home. He has so many responsibilities; yet he cares for us his family so much! He spent time with our son and myself each individually. I really like that because it gives us the time he looks forward to spending with us.  I said earlier that it was "relaxing Wednesday", yes because I found this music on YouTube; Secret Garden. You'll love it!  It is very relaxing. I enjoy listening to it when I am studying God's Word, reading books, or simply just browsing the net.  I also have it playing while writing posts here on my website.  Here is the one I am currently listening to Secret Garden.

This speaks volumes to me. I have been dealing with some "complications", "hiccups" with my bone disease. These last couple weeks have been quite challenging. I could throw in the towel, but that doesn't do anything. Well, it does actually, it shows my son who has the same bone disease that I am weak. It shows him that I give up when I have told him not to give up. I tell him we need to take our struggles to the Lord in prayer. Sometimes we have to ask friends to step in and agree with us in prayer as well. I have done that this go round because it has been difficult. I have experienced, four cracks in my right ring finger, a fracture at the base of my middle finger (triangular chip off the bone), three cracks in my left elbow. All this without any trauma. I returned to the doctor 10 days later to see how the healing is progressing to find more after receiving x-rays!  While in the splint on my right hand there was a new fresh fracture extending from one side of the ring finger to the other below the first knuckle up from the hand. They x-rayed the left elbow to find there was a separation and fracture now near the growth plate...these both while in the splints. I think to self "How does one fracture while being splinted?" I don't know, don't understand how, but it's happened. I have even spoken with friends of mine with the same bone disease and they have experienced the same.  They are now helping me through this experience. I will be better for it for my son in the long run after if he ever experiences the same.  I also fractured my index finger just writing with a pen on top of these other fractures.  Talk about challenge...that's why with this picture I posted I want to speak about it.
Don't measure the size of the mountain-your challenge-your problem. Don't let this overwhelm you. I must admit I have been overwhelmed with this, but now I am taking stand, standing strong, staying strong with the encouragement of others and the Lord.  I have been in prayer about this with the Lord telling him how helpless, weak I feel in this challenge. Help me to understand how this happens with our bone disease. Help me to meet my son at his challenges. Help me to teach him to stand strong!!

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Grace & Peace,

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