Tuesday, February 7

Weapons of Spiritual Warfare

Posted by Leah
Greetings everyone !!! Hope you are having a wonderful morning, afternoon or evening for those of my friends across the waters. 
I have been doing a ladies study at my church these last couple of weeks. I am really enjoying the book, but at times the enemy just finds his way in to wreak havoc in my life. I myself and some of the other ladies have mentioned that the enemy was attacking them as well. I find that when I grow or draw in closer to the Lord that Satan is close behind to try and  trip  me up, get me distracted, tempt me to step away from where I am going. I will continue with our study.  When this book came up as choice I decided that I wanted to look further with this. I am glad that I did. The funny thing was as I was doing my lesson for our ladies study the question we had was "Read Isaiah 14:12-14. Read also page 39 in the book. Who was Lucifer? Whom did Lucifer want to be? What did he do and why?" When I did as my book asked I did it, but at same time I was drawn to this book too. I started reading and there in the beginning of the book was my answers that I was seeking. This book is now a companion to my book I am doing with the ladies.  I highly recommend this book so you have the tools and knowledge to fight the wields of the enemy.  Enjoy your reading! Have a wonderful day! God Bless you!

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