Tuesday, March 14

Posted by Leah
Good Evening Everyone!!! Hope Everyone is doing well.  We here are buried deep in snow.  We are being slammed hard. The accumulation by end is 36"+ expected. Those here locally stay warm, stay safe. If you don't have to go out on the roads don't go out.  Know that you have a prayer warrior praying if you must go out.

I hope everyone is having fun crafting with things. I hope to be crafting in full swing soon. I have been down with some medical issues. I am dealing with some back issues currently so sitting in the studio is the challenge. I can design from another room, but not quite up to going in the studio just yet.

We were out for an eye appointment a couple weeks ago. We took a detour to Five Below. I have to say sometimes that store has great things at a reduced price and other times not so much.  While we were there our son decided that he wanted to get a "Water Speaker". I thought how good can this be? Here is a video of the water speaker. The music in the background that you're listening to is Secret Garden Full.

Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.  Again for those of you getting hit by the storm be safe and stay warm.

Grace & Peace,

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