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It's that time again.....Book Review!!!! Promises For You Coloring Devotional - Faithgirlz

Posted by Leah
Hi, Everyone!!! This is a beautifully well-done book. The hardcover is decorative, colorful, some look like foil was done.  This devotional is filled with 60 days of Scripture-based devotions, paired with beautiful illustrations, patterns, and detailed line art that's at the ready for you to make all your own for you to color in your heart's content. The pages are printed on high-quality, thick paper that will not bleed through. When you have completed the devotionals then you will have a colorful book to look back on. You will see how you were inspired each day to color the pages. This book is perfect for girls of the age 8-12 years old.  The book is not in a date format you can choose your page that you color that you read the devotion for that day.  You can have someone come alongside you to color and do the devotional for the day. I love the artwork that is laid out for you to color. I noticed some of the days that there wasn't much writing space to write, but you could also add a notebook for those days and do your own drawing and coloring to have in addition to this devotion.There are passages for strength, courage, hope, forgiveness, comfort, safety, truth, wisdom, beauty, faith, trust, joy, gifts and blessings.  I received this to review.  I did enjoy looking through and reading so many of the devotions and other words for the days. I didn't want to color in it as I have a beautiful girl that I have this in mind for and I look forward to giving it to her. She's so sweet to me. I love looking for her at church each Sunday.

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