Friday, April 7

Book Review Time!!! Magic of Motherhood, by Ashlee Gadd

Posted by Leah

Hi, Everyone!!! I hope you've had a wonderful day and are looking forward to your weekend. I love this time of the week because that means family and friends time.

Here we are at another time of reviewing a book. This one I have to say I wanted to read since it was brought to my attention. I am part of a Moms group at our church so if I come across books that are for Mom's I am on them to review them and share with the group.  I am thankful for our group of Moms as we can come alongside one another when a situation rises and ask for prayer or maybe council through a situation.  It is great to have a group like this to help us through things, to celebrate with us when we have something to celebrate. I didn't have this when my son was younger. I was on my own when something would arise I had to get through it.  When I didn't know what to do I would reach out to God. This is a good book so many applications to everyday life. I liked some of the funny things in there too, some made me laugh out loud as we had some happen even in our own family.  I enjoyed the pictures with the encouraging words they touched my heart in ways and I shared the book with other Mom friends of mine. I would recommend getting this book. There are some great gems.

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