Thursday, April 13

Thomas Nelson KJV Thinline Bible Book Review

Posted by Leah

Hi, Everyone!! Hope you're having a wonderful day! It was a bit chilly this morning, but it turned into a beautiful day.  I am so happy to enjoy the nice weather. I am loving seeing the plants coming up and start their blooming. I have some hyacinth's that have started a little early, but that's quite ok. I love to look at their beautiful colors.

I am up again for another book review. I am so enjoying this opportunity to read so many books, great books and writing reviews on them. I have a few that I purchased on my own that I will also be doing reviews for as well. Just a side note.  Upon agreeing to review this Thomas Nelson Thinline Bible I agreed that the opinions I am about to write are my own. I have to say that God'sWord is my favorite read of all to read. I have to say that the 10 point font is easy on the eyes; makes for reading a pleasure. I have to say that I love to see the words of Christ in red. I have always liked that even from my childhood. The double ribbon markers are a great asset to the Bible we always have more than one place we want to mark especially when our Pastor's are hopping around from passage to passage. Are they doing that to have a do a sword drill to get to know the books of the Bible better or are they getting their point home?? I think it's the latter of the two. Having Osteogenesis we have to sometimes think about the books we pick up; I mean the weight of them as they can fracture us easily. I must say this one is perfect in that far as easily for us to pick up. I am not saying that because it's a Bible, but the weight of the Bible is light. The maps as you can see are exquisitely done, they are beautiful, very detailed. I liked that in that some maps in other Bible's I have owned in past did not have as much information on them as these. I also found a year reading plan in the back of the Bible as well as 30 days with Jesus in there as well. While some may say once you've done them they're done, but not necessarily so as you can start the year plan from the end of the year and go backward, or do from the beginning. When you are reading the second time through God may show you some of the same things as the first time, but also some things you needed on the second time through. I love that God's Word is like that. You can read one scripture today and next week, next month read that same scripture and get something totally different from it. 

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