Tuesday, May 23

Book Review A Path to Restoration

Posted by Leah

In this study guide, I was drawn to dig deeper into my relationship with the Lord.  I say this because in one part the author asked if we had thanked Him for our body parts: our hair, our eyes, our nose, our mouth, our voice, our form and our height. He chose our genes that resulted in how we look. If you look in Psalm 139:13-16 you will see for yourself that the Lord chose how we are formed, how we are made. All the days of our lives were already written before we were even born. With this, we were directed to write praises for various aspects of our bodies that we enjoy. These are gifts from God. After this, in the next pages, we were directed again to write praises for abilities and talents you have: gifts from God, the Creator of the universe.  Our inherited abilities are God-given. You are told to think about these and what they mean to you. Are you able to be thankful for the way you're made; the abilities you have? If you have an illness or disease can you be thankful in that? Can you still find a way to praise Him for that? I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta; I could decide to be negative and complain because of the challenges I face with this disease, but I choose not to.  I tend to make light of times when I fracture with the simplest of things. I say that because I have broken my wrist just carrying a textbook of my son's home from his school because the school wanted him to have double books so he wouldn't fracture, but I am the one that did instead. 
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