Monday, June 12

Book Review: "The Gospel According to Paul"

Posted by Leah

Greetings Everyone!!! Hope you're having a great day!!! I have been wanting to get to this, but have had to finish the book first. I have been given this book for my honest review. The opinions in this review are mine alone. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I want to start with that I was looking for something deeper to read and when I saw this I knew it was going to fit the need for a deep read. There is so much to take in. I found so many gems in the read I followed the scripture references and highlighted them in my Bible. I talked with a family member about the book and when I finished I am to give to them to read. I can't wait to get their feedback on the book.  When I was reading there was a passage of scripture that jumped off the page at me Matthew 5:21-22 pg 44. I had listened to a sermon by Rev Ed Young. He spoke about different types of anger, positive and negative anger that when you get angry with someone that you've committed murder. He then made reference to the Chronicles of Narnia Movie and Aslan's character. Then how we have Susan's and Lucy's in our churches and what role each plays.  When he did this as I said that one scripture Macarthur brought out on page 44; it just confirmed the sermon that he brought forth. I love when God does that. I find that God does that, He puts books in our way, He brings people into our lives; we may not always know the reason for these things, but I am thankful and love it when He does. 

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