Monday, June 26

Goliath Must Fall book review by Lou Giglio

Posted by Leah

Hi, Everyone! I have another book to review. I was given this book to review; the opinions are my own. I grew up in the church. I learned about the story of David and Goliath. As a child, I learned simple from a felt board and the teacher taught so we could understand from our young age. My parents also taught me the story of David and Goliath. My Mom had a record album of Bible stories; we wore that out. We read it several times in the Bible. In this book; it was deeper. I learned through the story that David was a shepherd and Goliath was a giant. Goliath was a champion so you'd think to go against a shepherd it was a sure win for him, not so. We see David removing the armor that Saul gave him to protect him; David didn't want that. David said that he had not tested them so he took them off and he took up his staff in hand, five smooth stones he placed in his shepherd's bag, in a pouch that he had and he had his sling in hand. This is what he took to go fight Goliath. Just like how David took Goliath down we can take our "giants" of fear, anger, rejection, addiction and more down.We can say to this thing that harassed us praise God; you can't harass me anymore. We depend on the power of the name of Jesus by picking up the Word of God. The Sword of the Spirit. I liked this book and I had my Bible near me while I read. I also had a notebook so that when something stood out I would write it then after put why it stood out for me. I found that this book went deep into the story of Goliath and David, but also related "Goliath" as our "giants" - the things we face.  I would share this book with friends.

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