Monday, July 31

Beth Moore Get Out of That Pit Book Review

Posted by Leah

Good morning, Everyone!!! Hope you're having a wonderful day. I must say that it didn't take much to get me to jump into this book. I started reading and thought do I need this book?? I didn't think so, but was shown how easily we can get into a "pit" we need to arm ourselves with the scripture of God.  When things upset us we need to be careful with our motives behind what we do. Are we saying something, writing something, posting something that we know will cause someone to react. Are we doing this on purpose? Are we craving their reaction to what we do? We need to remember I Chronicles 28:9, says "....the Lord searches every hearts and understands all the intent of thoughts..." We can make impact on those around us if they're down or in a "pit" -- we can be an example to them; secondly we can be in prayer for them. Thirdly we can be an encourager to them. Just like it says in Hebrews 3:13 we are to warn each other daily that we aren't deceived by sin. We are to encourage one another to stay away from sin. We are to direct back to Christ. I had friends direct me back to Christ when I was dealing with my injury that landed me in a wheelchair. I went back, back, back and back again to the Lord. I did and I graduated from wheelchair to walker to cane. I now mostly walk on own, but cane is at the ready when needed. God developed biblical wisdom within us. 

An important point that stood out to me was this picture in my mind of our Lord standing in front of me "Right here, child. Look right here. Don't look right or left. Stare into my face. I am your Deliverer. There is none like me." 

I have had the Lord bring a family member, friend come alongside me to encourage me through what He has planned. I am glad He does that because He knows what we need. The opinion is my own. I did this review on my own words. I would recommend this book for friends and family. 

Grace & Peace,

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