Friday, July 14

Book Review Time Again...."The Comeback" by Lou Giglio

Posted by Leah

I want to start out by saying that this book caught my attention just in the description of what is contained inside.  The part of God always has a new beginning for us no matter the disappointment that we are facing, the feeling of failure, the mistake that we've made, the feeling of being confused or frustrated, or that we are grieving. We may feel far from God, but He's never far from us. He already has the solution for what we are facing and going through.  While I was reading through I found some great gems that I shared with friends including the reference of where found with friends. One of them is this, "None of us can cop out and say, "I'm just going to check out." No, that's not God's purpose for you. He wants you to understand that there are no wasted moments. For His glory, He uses everything that's happened, everything that's happening, and everything that will happen--the past, present, and future."  I spoke with friends while reading this book. I found that this read was a deep but at the same time quick one. I mean that as you get reading you're ready to flip to that next page.  Another good one was this; "Step by step, God will make our comeback happen. He will bring about what He wants in our lives. He will unfold His plan in His time and His way. And it will be like nothing we could dream up ourselves."

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